Got Mom Brain? 7 Best Ways to Help Mommy Brain

Becoming a new mom is undoubtedly exciting – but it can seem like an uphill battle in the early stages. Lifestyle changes, time sacrifices, and hormone-induced mood swings are no easy feat. So, if you are recently a mom or expecting to be a mom, congrats and kudos! You are stronger than you know.

A big struggle of new motherhood is the post-pregnancy phenomenon commonly known as ‘mom brain’. Mom brain, also “momnesia,” is the brain fog and forgetfulness a mother may experience during and after pregnancy and childbirth. Losing your train of thought in the middle of your sentence, misplacing your keys, or forgetting an important appointment all fall under this psychological effect.

Studies show that a mother’s brain experiences changes in gray matter during and after pregnancy. But do not fret, in reality, these changes to your brain are good. The brain naturally adapts to what is most important like knowing the different cries of your newborn. If you are currently seeing these symptoms, keep reading for seven helpful tips to help alleviate mom's brain.

1. Trying CBD Products

Mom brain can Start a harmful cycle: it can be quite discomforting to experience frequent memory lapses, which causes more anxiety. Parenting, in general, can just be overwhelming for new mothers. You may be familiar with migraines, sleepless nights, and distress in adjusting to your new caretaker life. All of this while still recovering from childbirth, possibly taking care of your older children, and still managing all your responsibilities from before- fun times!

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have been shown to relieve these painful symptoms and have great results for anxietypain, and insomnia. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant but does not contain THC–the psychoactive component of marijuana. Instead, CBD possesses calming properties that can combat stress. Luckily, here at Go Botanicals, we have a variety of CBD products, including gummiesnutrient packed capsules, and oils for you to choose from. Check out our website to shop and our blog to learn more about CBD! Important note: The FDA advises that CBD may be harmful for pregnant or nursing mothers. Please do not consume any CBD products if you are pregnant or nursing.

“Taking Extra Strength Gummies helps me focus. I can tell the difference immediately.” – Christine, mom of three

2. Connecting with Other Moms

Navigating motherhood is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. There are communities and support groups that meet near you where you can get support from other moms. During these informal group meetings, there are bound to be many discussions regarding mom's brain, so you can visit them to talk about your own experiences and benefit from hearing about the experiences of other mothers near you.

Joining an in-person group of other new or veteran moms can be hugely beneficial. Finding a support system of women who will encourage you is so vital to the mom's journey. Ask around and see what resources may be available in your area. Many Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) groups get together regularly- and do not require your children to be preschool-age! (We didn’t know this as a new mom).

Bonding with fellow moms can help serve as a reminder that motherhood can be tough and that you’re not alone. No one has it all figured out and is killing it every day. That is something you can’t always achieve through online forums and chat rooms, which seem to just give you more things to worry about.

Although there is no replacing in-person connection, also manage your social media so that you are following accounts that lift you up instead of making you feel bad. A great Instagram account is @scarymommy that very humorously captures that hot mess that motherhood can sometimes be.

If you are looking for a group, visit the MOPS website and simply type in your zip code.

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3. Sleeping More

You just laughed out loud, we know. This is not a joke, we need to talk about prioritizing sleep even if it seems ridiculous. The first months of being a mother often entail waking up in the middle of the night, tirelessly being at your baby’s beck and call, and undergoing stress-induced insomnia. However, prioritizing and making time for quality rest will make you feel refreshed and ready for the next day.

After all, science shows that good sleep can improve cognition. Rest supports better memory function, emotional processing, and problem-solving abilities. By catching up on your slumber, you can help reduce some of the memory-related symptoms of mom brain. Sometimes you have to be extra creative to find a way to fit in sleep, but it is so beneficial to your health.

“New mom, Michelle says, “Several people asked me what they could do to help when I had a baby. Instead of cooking me a meal, I asked if they could pick up a pre-made meal and then hold the baby while I took a nap. It was so helpful and my friends were more than happy to do it!”

Need a little help getting to sleep? Try CBD + melatonin—the ultimate sleep combo!

4. Going Easier on Yourself

While mom brain-induced slip-ups can be annoying, there is no reason to criticize yourself because of them. You are already enduring substantial lifestyle changes that accompany being a new parent, and it is perfectly normal not to perform at your highest level. Let’s just say it- we are not going to deliver an award-winning performance everyday. The fact that you worry about being a good parent means that you already are one.

Give yourself a huge break. Nearly 80% of women report some or all of the symptoms of mom brain. That is almost all of us!

It’s easy to feel bad about not being able to recall small things in the day-to-day. But remember: you have done enough by doing your best. Make sure to practice self-love between all the busy work, whether watching your favorite show or eating a delicious meal. At the end of the day, do not let the maternal brain fog discourage you from keeping on the great work!

5. Doing Meditation

Meditation is another therapeutic activity that positively aids anxiety, depression, and lack of concentration. Less known, meditation is also linked with memory improvement. By increasing blood flow to the brain, meditation can support stronger memory functions when practiced regularly. This effect can help mitigate mom brain symptoms and increase your daily focus

There are various types of meditation: mindfulness meditation, movement meditation, and mantra meditation, to name a few. Peloton has a specific filter for pre and postnatal yoga and meditation classes. It can be refreshing to see other women in the same season as you all showing up to be the best version of them, no competition necessary. Their classes can be accessed from anywhere, on almost any phone. They often offer a free trial membership. Once you find a style you resonate with, you can look into guided youtube videos or meditation classes to get started.

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6. Implementing Memory Tools

If memory lapses interrupt your daily functioning, it may be beneficial to utilize memory tools. Veteran moms share their top tricks to stay on top of their never-ending responsibilities. Mom of a toddler and a newborn, Heather says she relies on Post-It notes around the house. “I keep stacks of notepads around the house and scribble something down when I want to remember it for later.” We love these fun Post-It notes from Target, probably made especially for moms since they say actually say “Don’t Forget” on them. These can be planners, to-do lists, or phone reminders to aid you with your tasks. Write in an errand you need to run or an appointment you need to attend when you remember, and this way, you can just refer to your pre-made list rather than your memory.

There are different methods you can take here: you can invest in a physical planner or notebook and keep it in your purse or on your nightstand as a daily visible reminder. You can also download mobile reminder apps to stay on top of things, ensuring you stay on top of things whenever you check your phone. A super popular app for lists and reminders is Todoist. It even has functions to loop in and assign family members and coworkers. It can integrate Amazon Alexa, your Apple Watch, and your calendars.

7. Practicing Patience

Yes, mom brain can be highly irritating to deal with on top of all the other responsibilities you have as a new mother. We’ve been there. However, know that the fog is only temporary. The forgetfulness symptoms will start to lift as you gradually become acclimated to all your significant life changes. While that point may seem far now, research indicates that for many women, the mom's brain begins to subside over time, often ending within a few months. Some people experience brain fog for one to two years, and this is also normal.

Learn More

If you are a new mother or anticipating to be, we hope this guide was able to soothe your anxieties about the mom brain phenomenon and impart some words of advice. So, good luck, you’ve got this, Mom!

At Go Botanicals, we love and support moms. We champion you in your journey and are honored to walk alongside you if our products fit into your wellness plan. If you have questions, contact us by chatting live with us on our website, calling us at 800.894.9688, or messaging us on Instagram @gobotanicals.

We love hearing new suggestions- it helps us in continuing our mission to be a resource in health and wellness. Tell us what you do to help with mom brain!

Lastly, please remember you’re doing a great job, mama. Repeat after us: I am doing a great job!

If you are interested in learning more about ways to ease anxiety, insomnia, or daily stress, check out Go Botanicals for CBD products to purchase.  As a special thank you to our fellow moms, please use coupon code ‘MAMA’ for 20% off your order today.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) advises that Cannabidiol (CBD) use while pregnant or nursing may be harmful. Please consult your doctor before taking CBD.

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