How to Get Rid of Period Bloating: 10 Best Remedies

It seems that periods and bloating go hand in hand. For many women, bloating is how they know their period is about to start. It can make an already challenging time just that much more uncomfortable and exhausting. You might even panic at first because it seems you’ve gained weight and developed swollen ankles (and other parts). Unfortunately, you might not be able to eliminate bloat entirely, but you can reduce it.

Go Botanicals is a company founded and run by a woman, so when we researched and discovered there were plenty of women utilizing the anti-antiinflamatory properties of CBD to manage their period cramping, we had to try it for ourselves.


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What is Period Bloating?

So, why do we get period bloating in the first place? Leading up to and during your period, hormone levels (estrogen and progesterone) fluctuate, resulting in up to 10 extra pounds of water and sodium. Additionally, inflammatory molecules called prostaglandins are also added to the mix. 

Bloating is just one of several premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Some of these symptoms can begin up to two weeks before your period begins:

  • Cramps
  • Low energy
  • Low mood/mood swings
  • Swollen breasts
  • Acne
  • Backaches
  • Headaches

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists report that up to 85% of American women suffer from the premenstrual syndrome of period bloating.

Why Do You Get Period Bloating?

Estrogen levels, in particular, can cause your body to retain fluid. While later in your menstruation, your Progesterone levels are higher, which can cause slower digestion – another contributing factor to bloating. Usually, bloating begins up to five days before your period and can dissipate a few days into your cycle.

How To Get Rid of Period Bloating 

While it’s good to have a little clarity about why you’re bloating every month, it doesn’t make it any easier to accommodate. Here are some remedies for period bloating and inflammation to prevent or reduce the severity.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water during this time, beginning a few days before your period. If your body retains sodium, the water will dilute it and its effects. Drinking lots of water may also improve kidney function, reduce water retention, and help you feel amazing.

2. Get Active

Staying active is an aid to your well-being on every level. During your period, keeping up your regular exercise will help minimize many of the symptoms of PMS, including bloating. If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t further stress your body with strenuous workouts. Consider light workouts like yoga, pilates, or swimming to amp up your sluggish digestive system and ward off constipation and bloat. 

High-stress cardio can actually promote inflammation and make your bloat worse.

3. Try CBD Products

There is evidence to show that CBD products may be effective in reducing the discomfort of bloating and cramps. One 2016 study proved that topical CBD products could have anti-inflammatory properties.

Go Botanicals developed CBD Capsules with Magnesium that are a perfect combination to combat period bloating. The natural nutrients work together to reduce bloating and help relax your body and mind to manage what is sometimes the most stressful week of the month.

CBD works a bit differently in each individual, but if you are wondering how to get rid of period bloating, it can be a great place to start. As we search for natural solutions to common health issues, we discovered what a lot women already have- CBD can help alleviate a lot of the common period symptoms.

Shop Gummies for Period Bloating

Are you looking for high-quality, premium CBD products? We’re here for it. Go Botanicals is a woman owned and run company and is a leader in the market that provides innovative products for your CBD needs. We have a variety of options to choose from and always third-party test our products to ensure high quality. Using only the best, most natural ingredients, we bring you CBD in its purest form. Visit Go Botanicals to learn more.

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4. Try an Anti-inflammatory Diet

The foods you consume during your period can decrease the amount of bloat you’re experiencing. It is so important to find food for period bloating that you love. This is usually a time of food cravings, so you may have to resist them if you want cake, sweet treats, and salty foods. These heavily refined carbohydrates and salty treats can increase bloating. So, avoid them and eat leafy greens, broccoli (unless it gives you gas), beets, carrots, and other root vegetables. Also, add foods like celery, cucumber, asparagus, pineapples, garlic, and ginger to promote urine production. These are natural diuretics.

5. Eat Plenty of Potassium-Rich Foods

Relieve period bloating with potassium. Potassium-rich foods like cantaloupe, bananas, asparagus, and tomatoes can introduce a good balance of fluids, reducing water retention. Chicken, tofu, and fish are proteins that can make you feel better, along with healthy fats like salmon, nuts, and chia seeds.

6. Forget the Alcohol & Caffeine

While you’re experiencing bloating, cramps, and other symptoms of PMS, it might seem like a great time to drink alcohol, but it isn’t. Alcohol can maximize your PMS symptoms like mood swings, breast tenderness, and bloating, and caffeine can dehydrate you and overstimulate your digestive system. If your bowels become irritated, it could cause constipation.

7. Take it Easy on the Fiber

If you aren’t used to consuming a lot of fiber, now isn’t the time to start. Of course, we just recommended a load of veggies, but if you don’t usually eat this way, start slowly. Eating too much fiber can leave it sitting too long in your gut and actually increase your period bloating, abdominal tightness, and discomfort.

8. Consume Probiotics

By now, you probably know how important it is to have a healthy balance of good and bad gut bacteria. Overgrowths of bad bacteria can lead to several complications, including abdominal bloating – whether or not you’re having a period. Overgrowth can also lead to estrogen dominance, which means you don’t have enough progesterone for good hormonal balance. Estrogen dominance leads to more gas and bloating.  

Regularly consuming probiotics will help maintain a good bacterial balance.

9. Take Supplements

Supplements are a good idea on any day of the week, but some can be especially helpful during your period. Over-the-counter diuretics will eliminate bloat, and potassium supplements will reduce your body’s sodium and increase urination. These will reduce water retention (bloat). 

Turmeric and omega-3 fish oil are two anti-inflammatory supplements that help with bloat. We also recommend magnesium and activated charcoal.

10. Medication

If none of these more natural remedies work for you, consider taking medication. 

A diuretic will cause increased urination and get rid of water retention and bloating. 

Certain birth control pills can also help reduce the impact of PMS symptoms. 

Talk to your doctor for more recommendations.

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Period Bloating and Inflammation Can Be Remedied

Although you might not be able to eliminate monthly bloat, there are many things you can do to reduce it. The above remedies can not only make your monthly period a more comfortable experience, but they can also aid in your overall health and well-being.


How To Get Rid Of Period Bloating with CBD


Are you on a wellness journey? Our products are intentionally created by women for women to fit into your healthy, active lifestyle. We hope you love our premium CBD products as much as we do. Check them out at Go Botanicals today!

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