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We love bringing you premium CBD for stress, sleep and pain. We just love what we do, which is make lives better. Let us introduce you to how good you can feel. We promise to offer you the best CBD and customer service everyday.

We guarantee transparency, education and integrity as a dependable partner in your wellness journey.

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Starting Go Botanicals has been a passion project come to life. Developing products that fit into a healthy, active lifestyle and sharing them with you is a dream.

I love every product we've developed, but my absolute favorites are the Full Spectrum Gummies for daytime work and mom stress and Melatonin + CBD Gummies for a restful night's sleep.

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Why Go Botanicals

Go Botanicals simply does CBD better. We make products with the highest quality CBD, manufacture to the strictest standards, and triple check everything by third party lab testing every batch we sell.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of our customers as well as our communities. Your health and wellness is paramount to us. If you try our products and don't love them, let us know and we will refund you.

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A Powerful Purpose

"They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others" 1 Timothy 6:18

Go Botanicals is led by the Spirit to be generous with our time and money. We are fully committed to our therapy dog work in the community through Canines for Christ and know that it is not just about what we do but how we give back that makes us successful.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our CBD products are always made with American grown industrial hemp, produced in a cGMP certified production facility, and third party tested by a ISO17025 lab.

This means you are getting the purest and highest quality CBD. The Premium CBD products you receive from us are always exactly what is stated on the label.

CBD is a truly unique and multifaceted substance that can produce an array of effects. Our customers report feeling more relaxed, focused, and motivated when taking our CBD regularly.

Most commonly, CBD is taken for anxiety, stress, sleep issues, pain and inflammation. Many of our customers report an overall wellness boost from taking our CBD regularly.

A popular question! The CBD dosage for sleep and insomnia varies by person. However, based on the potency of our CBD gummies, we recommend taking 1-2 gummies approximately 30 minutes before bed. Sweet dreams!

The best CBD products are the ones that give you desired results. It is important to purchase from companies that provide a Certificate of Analysis for each batch. Quality and potency are crucial to the effectiveness. Visit our page of Best Sellers and chat with us live if you would like help picking the best product for your specific needs.

CBD gummies have been reported by some individuals to help alleviate symptoms associated with period bloating due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties.

Balance Blend Full Spectrum are our most popular product for customers new to CBD. Our Full Spectrum gummies are effective, tasty, and can be taken day or night. Many customers report taking them and feeling better within days and sometimes hours. Simply put, our Full Spectrum gummies pack a lot of punch and get the job done. We recommend you start with a low dosage and increase as necessary.

Go Botanicals customers report taking our Full Spectrum CBD gummies for many reasons, including:

  • Migraines
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Arthritis
  • Period Pain & Bloating
  • Inflammation

If you have questions, please use the live chat button below and let's find the right CBD for you.

Full Spectrum CBD is popular for a reason- it works great for many people! By combining CBD and THC, the Go Botanicals Full Spectrum Balance Blend Gummies are excellent for specific ailments and overall wellness alike.

If you are new to CBD, it's a good idea to start with a lower dose and gradually increase as needed. We recommend starting with 1-2 Go Botanicals gummies and see if that provides the desired effects. Everyone's body reacts differently to CBD. Keep in mind that it's crucial to consult with a healthcare provider, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications that might interact with CBD.

Yes! In fact, our CBD capsules provide both of these natural supplements known to promote relaxation and well-being.

Our customers gift CBD quite often! It is a unique idea and loved by so many. A lot of people are still wanting to try CBD, but don't know where to start.

The most gifted items are a potency-packed duo: Full Spectrum Gummies with our Pain Freeze Roll-On. That combo is a crowd pleaser.