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We are excited to introduce you to our Wholesale program at Go Botanicals. We understand that in the ever-expanding CBD industry, quality, reliability, and partnership are of utmost importance. Our wholesale program is designed to cater to the needs of businesses looking for premium CBD products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

At Go Botanicals, we are thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with you to bring our exceptional CBD products to your valued customers. Our commitment to transparency, premium ingredients, and rigorous third-party testing ensures that you can confidently offer the very best in CBD products to your clientele. Explore our Wholesale page to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Go Botanicals, and let's embark on this exciting journey together.


The Value of CBD for Your Retail Store

CBD products are rapidly growing in popularity due to their potential health benefits and increasing demand from consumers. Adding CBD products to your store's inventory can attract new customers, increase sales, and set your business apart from the competition. 

At Go Botanicals, we offer a wide range of high-quality CBD products that are sure to appeal to your customers. From delicious gummies to convenient capsules and soothing topicals, our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction. By partnering with Go Botanicals, you can provide your customers with the benefits of CBD while boosting your business’ bottom line.

Want to see an example of the lab report you’ll receive with your wholesale order?

Unmatched Service and Support

We understand that partnering with a wholesale supplier is a big decision. That's why we are committed to providing our wholesale partners with unmatched service and support.

Our knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions you may have and help you make informed decisions about our products. From placing orders to resolving any issues that may arise, we are here to ensure your satisfaction. Partnering with Go Botanicals means you can trust that you'll receive the highest level of service and ongoing support throughout our partnership.

CBD Meets Charity

At Go Botanicals, we are deeply committed to giving back to our military community. So you're not just offering top-tier CBD products when you purchase from us. You're also playing a part in supporting American active-duty military personnel and veterans. 

A portion of our sales and therefore your purchase goes towards various charities we're partnered with, including WISH for OUR HEROES.

This 501(c)(3) organization is a lifeline for US military families, providing crucial support such as food, shelter, and medical expenses. 

Join us in our commitment to giving back with the Go Botanicals CBD wholesale program.

Embrace the Go Botanicals CBD Wholesale Program

Go Botanicals is proud to offer a comprehensive wholesale program that makes it easy for retailers to stock our high-quality products.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large chain stores. With our competitive pricing, low minimum order requirements, and fast shipping, you can confidently offer our products to your customers with ease. Plus, we provide a personal customer service expert to help answer every question you have. Join our wholesale program today and start benefiting from the power of Go Botanicals CBD.

Our Commitment to Quality and Transparency

At Go Botanicals, quality and transparency are the cornerstones of our business. We are committed to using only the finest, most responsibly sourced ingredients to create our CBD products.

Each raw ingredient we use undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is pure and free from all contaminants, so you can be confident in the quality of what you're offering your customers. We are relentless about our transparency, which is why we provide third-party lab results for all of our products. Our commitment to quality and transparency is a reflection of our dedication to providing our customers and wholesale partners with the very best CBD products.

This company was started in order to provide a natural wellness option for common issues. As owners, we want to provide the highest quality products for our customers, our family and ourselves.

How Our Wholesale Program Works

Step 1. Complete the form above.

Step 2. We’ll get in touch with you to discuss your wholesale needs.

Step 3. Begin purchasing products as part of our wholesale team.

The discount that you will receive as a wholesaler will depend on various factors, including the products you are interested in and the quantity of the products you are ordering. Please contact us so we can discuss specifics and get you on our team!

Go Botanicals will work with you to make it seamless to add our products as a new offering in your retail location. We require a minimum purchase order of only one case for wholesale orders. This ensures that our wholesale customers receive the best possible pricing while also allowing you to get our products on your shelves and test the market.

To place your wholesale order, you simply contact us directly so that we may discuss your specific needs and provide you with a customized solution. Upon finalizing your order, we will invoice you accordingly.

Most wholesale orders ship within five business days. If you have specific needs that are not in stock, we will discuss those and provide an estimated ship date.

We work with each individual wholesale customer to provide cost efficient, rapid shipping. As we finalize your order, we will discuss specific shipping options that best fit your business and budget.

Yes, we ship to all 50 states. Shipping fees will be discussed when the wholesale order is placed.

We invite you to explore our entire Go Botanicals website, as we are a nationwide ecommerce brand. Please contact us directly to discuss specific questions and needs for your business.

No, we do not. Due to strict export laws with hemp based CBD products, we sell only in the United States.

Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing for all of our products. However, the availability and quantity of the products you are interested in may vary depending on the time of your order and the demand for the product. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and to check on the availability of the products you are interested in purchasing. We are committed to providing our wholesale customers with the best possible pricing and support, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.