10 Best Stress Management Techniques for Teachers

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, it's imperative to acknowledge the immense dedication and hard work that educators invest daily. Teaching can be a highly rewarding profession, but it also comes with its fair share of stressors. From managing classrooms to meeting curriculum demands and supporting diverse student needs, the responsibilities can often feel overwhelming.

In light of this, prioritizing self-care and implementing effective stress management techniques are essential for maintaining the well-being of teachers. In this article, we'll explore ten of the best stress management techniques specifically tailored to support educators in navigating the challenges of their profession, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week.

When Is Teacher Appreciation Week 2024?

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th to May 10th, 2024. This week holds significant importance as it provides an opportunity for students, parents, and communities to express gratitude and recognition for the tireless efforts and contributions of teachers. Educators play a pivotal role in shaping the future by imparting knowledge, fostering critical thinking skills, and providing support to students not only academically but also emotionally and socially.

Teachers invest countless hours in planning lessons, mentoring students, and creating a positive learning environment. Therefore, taking the time to thank our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week is essential to show appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the betterment of society through education.

How Stressed Are Our Teachers?

Studies and surveys have consistently highlighted the prevalence of stress among teachers. According to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a significant percentage of teachers report high levels of stress related to their jobs. A survey conducted by the AFT in 2017 found that 61% of teachers reported work as "always" or "often" stressful, with 58% stating that their mental health was not good for seven or more days in the past month.

Additionally, the National Education Association (NEA) reported that 61% of educators considered their work environment as "always" or "often" stressful in a survey conducted in 2018. These statistics underscore the importance of addressing stress management and mental health support for teachers to ensure their well-being and effectiveness in the classroom.

Left unchecked, high-stress levels can cause health concerns, including anxiety and depression. It can also affect your eating and sleeping habits, leaving teachers with lasting mental and physical effects.

At Go Botanicals, we have a special heart for teachers. We are a mom owned and run company and we are constantly trying to make sure the teachers in our lives know how much they are valued.

Teachers work endlessly for our children and spend countless hours of your time and money helping them thrive and learn. Most days you spend more waking hours with our kids than we do.

We know you are overworked and underpaid. We have spoken to a lot of educators who want a way to turn off their brains and relax during their downtime, just so they can be refreshed and ready to do it all again.

How To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude and recognition for the invaluable contributions of educators. One way to celebrate is by taking advantage of the numerous freebies and giveaways specifically designed to thank teachers. Many businesses and organizations offer special discounts, freebies, and giveaways during this week as a token of appreciation.

Teachers can look for promotions at local restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and office supply stores that may offer free meals, discounts on purchases, or complimentary items.

Additionally, schools and parent-teacher organizations often organize events such as luncheons, gift exchanges, or appreciation ceremonies to honor teachers. Another meaningful way to celebrate is by writing heartfelt notes or cards expressing gratitude for teachers' hard work and dedication. Small gestures of appreciation can go a long way in making teachers feel valued and supported during Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 and beyond.

Teachers, we see you. We love you. We have some great ideas for you to get the respite you deserve. Here are some of the top ways to combat the inevitable teacher stress.

1. Try CBD Gummies for Stress

Recent research shows CBD’s potential to help with stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

By protecting against chronic stress and dampening the body’s stress response, CBD may help treat stress-related conditions.

Teachers love Go Botanicals Balance Blend Full Spectrum Gummies for daily stress. These gummies reportedly take the edge off and allow teachers to handle to hundred (or more) stressors that come with any typical day on the job. They are made with third party tested, premium CBD and come in a delicious berry flavor.

CBD for Teachers

Another recent study concluded that CBD was a promising treatment for anxiety and stress. We will continue to follow the studies on CBD, but we love to see it helping people.

"As a teacher and mom, I'm constantly juggling multiple responsibilities and facing various stressors both in and out of the classroom. I started incorporating CBD gummies into my daily routine, and the results have been truly remarkable. These CBD gummies have become my go-to solution for managing stress effectively."

- Jessica, 3rd grade teacher

At Go Botanicals, we provide stressed-out teachers across the country with high-quality CBD made from American-grown hemp that’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

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2. Understand Your Triggers

One thing that can help is making a list of what stresses you the most—sort those stressors into ones you can control and ones you cannot.

So, what stresses you the most?

  • Taking work home with you?
  • No time to eat a healthy meal?
  • Missing your friends due to your crazy schedule?

Choose one or two things on your list that you can control, make a plan to manage them, write down a goal, and create steps to follow through.

Understanding your stress triggers and creating a plan is a crucial step in managing your stress. When faced with a trigger, you’ll be better equipped to handle it before the stress gets overwhelming.

3. Breathing Techniques

Try doing the equal breaths exercise—when you breathe in, count to four. Then, hold it for another count of four. Finally, breathe out for a count of four.

Do this technique for a minute or two when you’re feeling stressed, and you’ll likely notice the stress decreasing and your heart rate relaxing.

Research has shown that breathing exercises can have immediate effects on your stress to help you relax. In addition, it has long-term benefits for your brain, heart, digestion, and immune system.

Sleep better with Go Botanicals Gummies

4. Get Some Rest

When it comes to stress, getting enough sleep each night can be vitally important. Set a strict bedtime and stick to it.

It can also help to unplug for a while before bed—or at least use the blue light filter settings on your devices at nighttime. For example, the iPhone’s Night Shift mode can be accessed by searching the settings under display and brightness to start your nightly unplugging routine.

We know it’s difficult—stress can cause sleep loss, and sleep loss can cause stress; it can turn into an endless cycle.

Getting enough sleep is crucial to your overall health and a great way to help reduce your everyday stress. The work will all still be there tomorrow, trust us. Prioritize your sleep!

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5. Plan Out Nutritious Meals

Eating nutritious foods is key to reducing your stress. Do your best to cut out fried, sugary, and processed foods—these can deplete your energy and make you feel even more stressed.

Sticking to a balanced diet can do amazing things for your state of mind and overall health. Eat healthy foods (nuts, avocados, eggs, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, etc.) and drink lots of water to keep your brain functioning better, regulate your mood, help you sleep, reduce stress, and improve your energy levels.

Unhealthy foods can cause dramatic swings in blood sugar levels, increasing stress and anxiety levels.

6. Stay Active

Exercise is also crucial to reducing stress—get plenty of it by going for a walk or run, practicing yoga, hitting the gym after class, trying a new barre class, or doing any physical activity that brings you joy!

The Harvard Medical School found that regular aerobic exercise can help boost your memory, improve your sleep, and reduce your anxiety

In addition, regular exercise can boost your energy levels, leaving you feeling less stressed.

Friends walking

7. Use Your Support Network

Friends, family, and colleagues can be invaluable resources to seek advice from, swap ideas, and lend an ear on difficult days.

There are also plenty of educator-based support networks online that you can join to talk to others in similar situations.

Sometimes our connection to others can be the number one stress reliever, and establishing a great support network can help significantly reduce your stress.

8. Stay Organized

Create an organizational plan to help reduce your stress levels, improve your productivity, and make your classroom more efficient.

Staying organized can help you limit the wasted time that leads to stress, like searching through files and emails, managing your schedule, or redoing misplaced work.

The organization is a key proactive way to help reduce your stress.

9. Try Meditation

Regular meditation can help rid your mind of negative thoughts, reduce stress, and eliminate anxiety when you feel overwhelmed. Imagining everything working out as you would like and running smoothly has huge power in improving your mindset.

Quick meditation exercises like this one can help you clear your mind and calm your stress quickly.

Even a few minutes of simple meditation can significantly reduce your stress—and you can do it anywhere!

Woman doing yoga and meditation

10. Practice Muscle Relaxation

Take a deep breath and tense your muscles one at a time for a few seconds. Then, breathe out and relax those muscles.

Keep in mind how they feel while tensed and relaxed. This progressive muscle relaxation is a technique designed to relieve tension and reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help you identify signals and signs of stress by becoming more in tune with your body.

One lesson many people learned throughout the pandemic is that managing stress is crucial for teachers and students. Don’t forget to focus on your well-being and overall health by finding ways to manage your stress inside and outside of the classroom.

We could never thank our teachers enough for all they do to enrich our children’s lives. Thank you for all the love you pour into our youth, it is noticed and appreciated every single day.

We love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please chat live with us on our website, message us on Instagram, or call us at 800.894.9688.

Can CBD help you manage your stress? Learn more and shop for CBD gummies for stress relief - find the best one for you!

CBD makes a great Mother's Day gift!

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