10 Thoughtful Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients

Are you aware that every year over 250,000 new cases of breast cancer are reported by women? A breast cancer diagnosis can feel completely devastating and crushing for the person experiencing it. That’s why it’s vital for that person’s support system — their friends, family, and loved ones — to rally behind them.

Go Botanicals has a special heart for women supporting women. It was not long before we were searching this exact topic and wanted some really great resources. We decided to do extensive research and create a useful list of ideas.

If you’re part of a breast cancer patient’s support system, you might be racking your brain for ways to make them feel better. In this guide, we’ll be going over some thoughtful breast cancer gift ideas.

That way, you can show them they’re loved and supported while still providing them with something that makes their life easier.

1. Comfy Pajamas

Breast cancer surgeries can leave a patient completely fatigued. So, why not give them a pair of the comfiest pajamas they can look forward to slipping into during recovery? 

Remember that mastectomies and reconstructive breast surgery can make it difficult for the person to get in and out of clothing. So, look for pajamas that are loose-fitting with buttons or velcro. These features will make it easy to put on following these challenging procedures. 

Breast cancer survivor Katherine says, “One of the best gifts I received was pajamas with pockets for my drain ports. I lived in those for days.”

2. Journals

The stress of breast cancer can be brutal on an individual’s mental health. Consider getting your loved one a journal to help them deal with these feelings. Studies show that journaling is an excellent way of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. This can double as a calendar to keep the many doctor’s appointments in one place. It can also be a well-written reminder to look back and see how far they’ve come in their journey.

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3. Moisturizers

Anyone who’s been through breast cancer treatments knows that it can leave your entire body feeling dry. A dependable moisturizer goes a long way toward relieving this annoying side effect. 

Look for natural products that don’t contain chemicals known to cause cancer. You might also consider CBD topicals that both moisturize and provide pain relief.

4. Breast Cancer Awareness Merch

Are some people incredibly private about their breast cancer journey? Absolutely. But displaying shirts or mugs can also be unifying and open the door to new support systems. Remember that breast cancer can be incredibly isolating. 

No matter how much empathy you have, the only people who understand are those that go through it. An entire community of women has fought and won this difficult battle. Breast cancer awareness merchandise can be a great reminder that the patient is not alone.

5. CBD Oil

Breast cancer treatments can be painful, stressful, and nausea-inducing. So, why not get the patient a substance that helps with all three of these things? CBD oil comes with pain-relieving properties. 

It can also help reduce anxiety and nausea that comes with cancer-related treatments. If you aren’t sure whether or not CBD is suitable for breast cancer patients, check out these FAQs to learn more about it.

Always encourage the recipient to consult with their doctor before using any CBD products. 

Want the perfect CBD oil gift? Go Botanical’s CBD tincture will provide them with all the benefits of this natural substance. 

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6. Massage or Acupuncture Gift Card

Sure, you might think you’re a great massager. But how about letting the actual professionals help out? 

A massage or acupuncture treatment gift card can give the cancer patient much-needed relaxation. Plus, it aids in reducing pain. If you want some more stress management techniques, make sure to check out this guide.

7. Shower Lanyards

Following a mastectomy, breast cancer patients often have to deal with post-surgery drain tubes. These can make showering quite tricky. 

A simple shower lanyard and safety pins allow these drain tubes to be clipped on when they shower. That way, they can get clean without worrying about their drain getting in the way.

8. Home-Cleaning Service

After a long day of breast cancer treatments, cleaning chores are likely the last thing on the person’s mind. 

Purchasing a home-cleaning service allows them to focus entirely on rest and healing. Or, if you can’t afford it, you can consistently offer to folder laundry or wash dishes. The help will no doubt be appreciated.

9. Essential Oils

Essential oils aren’t going to cure the patient’s breast cancer. But, they can be great at controlling some of the nasty side effects. 

Specifically, these oils can help prevent depression, anxiety, and stress. For a complete list of essential oils, explore this resource here.

10. Their Favorite Candies

If you know a cancer patient has a sweet tooth, get them a care package of their favorite candies. Everyone loves a surprise treat; it can show the person that you know their tastes. Bonus points if you can find candies they love that are the color pink!

Why not combine candy and CBD? Go Botanical’s CBD gummies give your loved one the best of both worlds.

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Are Breast Cancer Gifts That Important?

When deciding on a gift for breast cancer patients, remember the thought is what counts the most. Feeling love from supportive friends can boost their morale during one of the most difficult times of their life.

This list was compiled through research and interviewing breast cancer patients, so each of these items has been specifically named as a great gift to someone.

A gift is an excellent way to support your loved one through the breast cancer journey. Check with them to see if they are available for visitors, they may want some company. They may also be very touched by an offer to run a few errands for them. Showing up and showing you care is the top priority. And it’s always nice better to show up bearing a small gift and a big smile!

We wish all breast cancer patients health and wellness and a full recovery. 

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