CBD and Magnesium: Stress-Relief Combo You Need to Try

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an unwelcome companion in our daily lives, affecting our mental and physical well-being. The quest for effective stress relief has led many individuals to explore natural remedies, and two ingredients have emerged as a powerful stress-busting duo: CBD and magnesium. These two remarkable compounds, each with their own unique properties, have captured the attention of wellness enthusiasts and researchers alike. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of CBD and magnesium, uncovering their individual benefits and exploring the synergistic potential of their combined use.

Many people take CBD to manage stress and anxiety. But is there an even better answer to help manage daily stressors? We combined not just two but three nutrients known to promote zen and it has turned into a go-to for a much needed health boost.

Today we look at a CBD product for stress that has been infused with magnesium and calcium for added health benefits. We will find out what it does and how it can help with reducing stress and anxiety.

What is Magnesium, and How Does it Help Your Body?

Magnesium is a crucial mineral that helps with the body’s vital functions, such as keeping blood pressure regular, your heart rhythm steady, and your bones strong.

Many people take magnesium as a supplement to help with migraines, heartburn, and constipation. Consumers typically don’t get enough magnesium in their diet, which can cause a host of problems. One of them is elevated inflammation levels, which is one of the main reasons people take CBD products; to help with pain relief caused by inflammation.

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Who Should Supplement With Magnesium?

The short answer? Almost everyone. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions. This simply means your body uses magnesium for a LOT of things! So, if you’re deficient in magnesium, you’re not feeling your best.

Magnesium deficiency is linked to common conditions like acid reflux, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks, asthma, depression, diabetes, headaches/migraines, insomnia, IBS and so much more.

Does Anxiety Deplete Magnesium?

Fun fact: People with Type A personalities tend to thrive on adrenaline, time pressure, and stress. This type of behavior drains the body of magnesium. Are you a caffeine drinker? Does caffeine deplete magnesium? Unfortunately, caffeine is a diuretic that depletes magnesium. Caffeine also stimulates the adrenals, causing adrenaline surges and magnesium loss. Double bummer for those of use who love our cup (or cups!) of java.

Why Hasn’t My Doctor Recommended Magnesium? 

Conventional medical doctors are trained to diagnose diseases and then prescribe drugs to alleviate symptoms. Magnesium is not a drug so unless a doctor has training beyond their medical degree (functional medicine, nutrition, etc.) they might not be inclined to suggest supplements or treat the root cause of your problem.

What’s the Connection Between Magnesium and Stress-Reduction?

Because of the double-edged sword: When you are stressed you deplete magnesium at a faster pace AND depleted magnesium levels make you feel more stressed.

If you spend a lot of time in a stressed or survival-based state (fight or flight), you are burning adrenaline and also burning through your magnesium stores. Other nutrients that are depleted under stress are B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamin C, and Glutamine.

Should I Try CBD Oil and Magnesium For Sleep?

Girl having problems with Sleep

Magnesium is required for muscle relaxation (your cells use magnesium in the process of muscle relaxation). CBD with magnesium is the perfect relaxing combination for many people to drift off easier and wake up feeling refreshed. Imagine two nutrients (CBD oil and magnesium) known for their calming properties working together synergistically to create the ideal sleeping conditions for you.

So, magnesium doesn’t make you fall asleep necessarily, but it helps your muscles relax and helps you get into your parasympathetic nervous system which is where you want to be at bedtime.

Find out why so many people are trying CBD and magnesium for sleep - and loving their new bedtime routine. We find the best results by taking 1-2 Go Botanicals Capsules with dinner or in the evening.

Is It Safe to Use Magnesium with CBD?

If you decide to take CBD products with magnesium, there have not been any studies or evidence showing any adverse reaction to taking CBD and magnesium together.

If you want to take a CBD product that has magnesium in it, make sure that your body can absorb it properly and consult your physician if you have any side effects.

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CBD and Magnesium: A Beneficial Combination

Coffee and cream. Peanut butter and jelly. CBD and Magnesium. All three duos go great together but only the latter has the natural and effective relief with an incredibly versatile and important nutrient combo.

For being one of the most important nutrients for human health, magnesium seems to be drastically overlooked. But not by us. When creating our products we made sure to include ingredients that can provide countless benefits.

What better ingredient than one that’s responsible for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body, including maintaining energy levels, relaxation, heart and blood vessel health, and much more? We’re hoping this blog will help inform you of all the benefits you can receive from the magnesium found in our CBD and Magnesium Capsules.

The Therapeutic Benefits Shared by Magnesium and CBD

At this point, you might be wondering if you can get away with just taking magnesium by itself to combat your stress. While that is an option some people may choose to go with, you may combining these vital nutrients and experience what so many others have found to be a super-charged calm from the Go Botanicals CBD Oil Capsules that have added magnesium and calcium.


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Even though there haven’t been any studies that show CBD can be used in place of magnesium, there are considerable benefits to magnesium comparable to CBD. Let’s look at the therapeutic benefits that CBD and Magnesium share below:

Bone Healing

Research has shown that people who have a diet higher in magnesium have a greater bone mineral density. Alternatively, CBD has demonstrated that it can help heal bone fractures.

Related Article: Best CBD for Bone Healing


If you get migraines, you probably have heard that magnesium is often prescribed as a helpful remedy. Magnesium has been proven to assist in the prevention of migraine headaches and treat acute types like tension headaches.

When we look at studies on CBD and migraines, we find similar things that help in suppressing nausea and vomiting that can come with migraines.

Depression and Anxiety

When it comes to depression, studies have linked lower magnesium levels in the body to increased depression.

When we look at CBD in a 2020 study, the author’s evidence supports CBD use as an effective monotherapy or complementary therapy for treating GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Studies have concluded that high magnesium intake is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular risks such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

Referring back to CBD, studies show that CBD might help some types of stress levels as well as cardiac dysfunction, cell death, and fibrosis.


Magnesium helps the enzymes that control insulin activity and blood sugar levels. Research has shown that if your diet is too low in Magnesium, it can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes. 

When compared to research on the results of CBD on diabetes, it was found that when CBD was used together with the THCV, it helped to increase insulin production, which ultimately lowers blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetes patients.

As you can tell from the details above, magnesium and CBD have similar benefits, and adding magnesium to our Premium CBD Oil Capsules, can only help in attaining the maximum benefits possible.

What is Calcium, and How Does it Help Your Body?

Calcium is another essential mineral needed to build strong bones and other functions in your body. Most of the calcium in your body is stored in the bones and teeth, which ultimately gives them the form and hardness that they have.

Nerves need calcium to carry messages between your brain and other parts of your body. Your muscles also need calcium for better movement and to help your blood vessels move blood through your body.

Why Should People Add Magnesium and Calcium to CBD Products?

Enhancing your CBD products with magnesium and calcium adds an extra nutrient boost and may provide some extra benefits to help relieve stress.

Magnesium is vital for over 300 chemical reactions in our bodies. Therefore adding the ingredient to our CBD Oil Capsules boosts the nutrient value so that your body can experience the maximum benefits of our product.

CBD can be a fantastic source of pain and inflammation relief, and it can also help people enjoy a better night’s sleep thanks to its range of relaxing properties.

Does CBD Interact with Magnesium?

CBD and magnesium are both known for their potential health benefits, but whether they interact with each other is not yet fully understood. While there is no direct evidence suggesting a significant interaction between CBD and magnesium, both substances can influence various physiological processes independently. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions such as mood, pain perception, and inflammation, while magnesium plays a crucial role in muscle function, nerve transmission, and energy production.

With all that being said, there are no known studies at this time of an adverse reaction to taking CBD with magnesium.

Some anecdotal reports suggest that combining CBD with magnesium may enhance relaxation and promote better sleep, possibly due to their complementary effects on stress and muscle tension. However, more research is needed to determine the extent of any interaction between CBD and magnesium and its potential implications for health and wellness.

Magnesium Oxide vs. Magnesium Glycinate

Go Botanicals has a curated line of products, each meticulously designed to create natural healing for common issues. Go Botanicals CBD Capsules with Magnesium contains 25 milligrams of Magnesium Oxide.

Magnesium oxide and magnesium glycinate are two different forms of magnesium supplements, each with its own unique characteristics and potential benefits. Here are the reasons we chose Magnesium Oxide for our capsules:


Higher elemental magnesium content

Magnesium oxide typically contains a higher percentage of elemental magnesium by weight compared to magnesium glycinate. This means that a smaller dose of magnesium oxide may provide a higher amount of actual magnesium.


Magnesium oxide is widely available in various forms, including tablets, capsules, and powders, and can be found in most pharmacies and health food stores. Its widespread availability makes it convenient for individuals to access magnesium supplementation. It is common and accessible for a reason: it is a very effective supplement for many ailments and deficiency.

Stool softening and laxative effect

Due to its lower absorption rate and ability to draw water into the intestines, magnesium oxide may have a mild stool softening and laxative effect on some people. This can be beneficial for individuals experiencing occasional constipation or needing relief from occasional irregularity.

CBD and Magnesium Final Thoughts

Now you understand how beneficial CBD and Magnesium can be together in one capsule. Although Magnesium and CBD have similar benefits, they work in very different ways, and work great together.

Our Premium CBD Capsules combine 30mg of CBD with 25mg Magnesium and 25mg Calcium for an incredible nutrient boost. Visit our shop for these and other natural, made in the USA products.

Still not sure what you want to try? We love to talk about CBD! Contact us by using our chat function while you shop (talk to a real person!), call us at 800.894.9688 or email us at contact@gobotanicals.com. We can't wait to hear from you.

The recommendations provided in this article are not medical advice, and we strongly advise consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating any CBD products into your wellness routine, especially if you have underlying medical conditions or are taking medications. Your healthcare provider can offer personalized guidance and ensure that CBD is a safe and suitable option for your specific needs. It's essential to prioritize your health and well-being by making informed decisions with the guidance of a qualified medical expert.

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