Dealing With Brain Fog? Here's How CBD Can Help!

If you have been dealing with difficulty remembering things you should be able to recall easily, problems with concentration, and feeling occasional bouts of confusion, you may be suffering from brain fog.

Dealing with brain fog can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know how to deal with it properly. Let’s talk about brain fog and how CBD can help!

What is Brain Fog?

Brain fog, while not a medical diagnosis or recognized condition, can be defined as a condition that causes your mental focus to falter and cause your concentration to be much more difficult than usual. The symptoms of brain fog can range in severity from mild enough to be ignored to severe enough to disrupt your productivity. 

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Although it sounds like it can be a serious problem, the chances are that you have already experienced brain fog a few times in your life. If you start noticing that your mind just isn’t working as fast as it should, and you are starting to feel tired and overwhelmed with tasks you used to be able to do easily, there is a good chance that you may be experiencing an episode of brain fog.

What Causes Brain Fog?

There are quite a few factors that can contribute to brain fog, but the most common reasons for brain fog are stress, poor sleep, inadequate nutrition, and medication.

a red colored pencil breaking while writing stress


One of the biggest reasons why people have brain fog is because they are going through some stress. Stress is the body’s response to a difficult situation or danger and is a completely natural and normal part of our lives. Although acute stress is not a cause for worry, chronic stress can lead to many health issues, such as brain fog.

When you are stressed out, and the anxiety starts to creep in, your brain can start to lose its ability to process and store information. This can severely hinder your ability to concentrate and make it much harder to remember details, especially in your short-term memory. Being stressed out can take it out of you both physically and mentally, which can make dealing with brain fog more difficult.


Not getting enough good quality shut-eye can be another reason why you may be wrestling with brain fog while you are trying to concentrate. Sleep deprivation can cause brain fog symptoms, such as difficulty making decisions and trouble with concentration. 

Searching for the right CBD products to help with your sleep issues? At Go Botanicals, we have specialized Sleep Gummies that may help alleviate stress and anxiety at bedtime. Have questions about the best products for you? Chat with us live on our website or contact us at We love to talk about CBD!


If you are eating a diet that lacks the proper nutrition to keep your brain functioning at its best, you are putting yourself at risk of experiencing brain fog. Make sure that you are eating a nutritious diet so that you have the vitamins and minerals to keep your brain running at its best.


There are a few medications that can cause or worsen brain fog. Medications like narcotic pain medications, benzodiazepines, and antihistamines can lead to mental impairment and brain fog. If you start a new medication and start to experience brain fog, make sure you talk to your doctor before making any changes.

best cbd products

How Can CBD Help With Brain Fog?

Cannabidiol, which is much more commonly called CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has the potential to help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions, including brain fog. 

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There has been some promising research that shows that CBD can be used to treat even the worst cases of brain fog. The ability of CBD to reduce stress, promote healthy eating habits, improve sleep, and even improve cognitive ability makes it the perfect choice to combat brain fog.

Our most versatile product is our Balance Blend Full Spectrum Gummies. This unique formula can help you relax and focus during the day, and our customers often take them in the evening to promote a good night’s rest. This 60-count gummy bottle is perfect for home, work, and travel.

If you have found yourself struggling with brain fog at work, try adding CBD to your morning routine as you get ready for work. Start with a smaller dose and work your way up until you feel relief from your brain fog symptoms. If you feel that poor sleep is the reason why you are having brain fog, try taking CBD products that are specially formulated to give you a good night of sleep.

Other Ways to Deal With Brain Fog

image of a fake brain representing brain fog

If you find yourself struggling with brain fog, try combining CBD with one of these methods to shut your brain fog down.

Take a Break From All Screens

Try putting your phone away and stepping away from your computer the next time you feel the symptoms of brain fog. These devices tend to bombard us with information and stimulus, leaving us way too overstimulated and mentally fatigued to be able to concentrate properly. 

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Your brain needs breaks from the stimuli every now and then to unwind and refresh itself, so the next time you are feeling brain fog creeping up on you, try taking a fifteen-minute break away from your phone and your computer. 

Take a Walk Outside

Getting some fresh air and taking a quick stroll around your workplace is a great way to shake those mental cobwebs out and get you refocused on your work. If you find yourself struggling with symptoms of brain fog, go for a quick walk and elevate your heart rate a little. You will find it much easier to get your work done once you get back and feel refreshed.

Looking for the best CBD products to keep your brain fog away? Take a look at our store here!

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating to deal with brain fog, especially when you need to get something done in a time crunch. The next time you find your mental focus starting to falter, make sure to take some CBD to get refocused and reenergized to power through the day!

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