Unleashing the Power of Self-Care: 10 Simple DIY Techniques for a Healthier, Happier You

Have you been feeling the effects of physical and mental exhaustion that you just can’t shake off? Or have your friends and family been telling you that you’ve been working way too hard and that you need to take a break? If this describes you, you are in serious need of some self-care.

Taking the time to take care of ourselves is an important part of keeping yourself happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. Next time you’re feeling a little burned out, take a time out and try one of these self-care methods that you can do for yourself!

Take a Long Walk in Nature

Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. Taking a long walk outdoors while enjoying nature can do wonders for your mind and body. Just being outdoors in nature with the fresh air can be a wonderful way to destress and unwind. 

Walking is also a great way to get some exercise in, and taking particularly long walks can kindle a sense of accomplishment, setting the tone for the rest of your day. Regularly taking these walks will also boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Whenever you need to take a quick moment to yourself, a walk is always a great choice.


Aromatherapy involves using essential oils and other fragrant plant products to instill a sense of well-being and relaxation. This form of therapy has been around for thousands of years in various cultures for both physical and mental wellness.

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of certain plants that are used in various applications, such as massage oil, bath oils, diffusers, or even inhaler devices. These devices can be used to relieve stress and anxiety while improving both mood and sleep. Aromatherapy is a great addition to your self-care toolkit for those days when things are getting a bit overwhelming and you need a “me moment”.

Practice Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is a mental relaxation technique that promotes positivity, releases negative thoughts, and calms both body and mind. This meditation method combines meditation with mindfulness which means you are fully focused on the present, so you can process and acknowledge your thoughts and emotions. 

There are multiple ways to practice mindful meditation but they typically include focusing on your breathing while being aware of what’s going on with your body and mind. Make sure to give yourself a quiet and comfortable place to meditate that is free from distractions. Allow your thoughts to flow freely so that you can calmly work through them, leaving you with a little less weight on your shoulders when you’re done.

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Start a Skincare Routine

Self-care is all about taking care of yourself, so taking care of your skin is a huge part of it. Taking the time to care for your skin will help you look and feel your best, allowing you to be more confident and happier in your daily life which is the ultimate goal of self-care.

Take a few minutes each day to care for your skin by making sure you cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily. This will help keep your skin bright, hydrated, and healthy. Sheet masks for the face are relatively cheap but provide a luxurious experience for your next bath or home spa day. Make sure to put some sunscreen on after you are finished so you can protect yourself from sun damage and premature aging.

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Woman practicing self care

Take a Nice, Long Bath

Drawing and taking a nice, long bath can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. A hot bath can do wonders for your stress, muscle aches, and mood while improving the quality of your sleep. Sitting in the tub also tends to calm your mind and body, leaving you feeling like a warm, blissful cloud when you finish.

The wonderful thing about taking a bath for self-care is that you can combine other self-care activities such as aromatherapy or skincare at the same time. Putting on a cool sheet mask during a hot bath can be a great way to combine two great self-care activities.

Make a Playlist of your Favorite Songs

Music is a great way to unwind and creating a playlist of your favorite songs is a great form of self-care. Studies have shown that listening to music can lower blood pressure, anxiety, and pain while improving mood, sleep, and memory. 

When you are putting together this playlist, try to pick songs that bring out happy and positive emotions in you. The songs themselves don’t have to be upbeat or positive but can be ones you simply enjoy listening to and that make you feel good. Feel free to include instrumental music or nature sounds as these can be great stress relievers as well.

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Turn Off Your Phone

We’re always connected to the world through our phones whether it's through phone calls, texts, e-mails, or social media. We are always at the beck and call of more people than we can imagine through our phones. This can be incredibly overwhelming which makes taking a phone break a form of self-care.

Try turning your phone off the next time you spend time with someone. This will give you the opportunity to make deeper connections with them without being distracted by a call or text.

Take a Nap

Taking a nap can be a great form of self-care since it restores you mentally and physically. Good naps can reset your body and mind, making you more alert and productive afterward. Make sure you have a comfortable area to nap in and also set an alarm so you don’t sleep too long.

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Take Care of Aches and Pains

Taking the time to take care of your body by addressing the aches and pains with appropriate treatment is an essential form of self-care. Use a topical pain relief CBD roll-on on your pain points for almost instantaneous relief and if needed, take an Extra Strength CBD gummy to continue the pain relief. 

Don’t live with discomfort and take care of your body so that it can take care of you.

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important parts of self-care is getting a good night’s rest. Sleep is a huge part of your health and well-being so make sure you are getting enough quality sleep every night.

If you have a tough time falling asleep, try taking a combination of Melatonin and CBD which will help you enjoy better quality and more consistent sleep. Make this a part of your healthy nightly routine and you’ll find that your overall quality of life has improved significantly.

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