Ultimate Guide to Applying a CBD Roll-On for Maximum Pain Relief

Unfortunately, dealing with aches and pains is going to be a coming-of-age rite for the vast majority of us. These can be a reminder from our bodies about our physical limitations or just a sign of aging but we prefer to view these aches and pains as testaments to our struggles and to how far we pushed ourselves.

As much as we love to relive our accomplishments, nobody loves it when these aches and pains stick around. Here’s our guide on how to use a CBD roll-on for maximum pain relief.

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What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that is found in hemp plants and has found a surge in popularity as a holistic and natural remedy. It treats a variety of ailments including anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation, and pain, and has shown some promise in treating conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. 

Cannabidiol can be used in a variety of forms like edibles, capsules, oils, tinctures, and creams. CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates crucial functions of the body such as learning, sleep, processing of emotions, pain control, and inflammatory response. 

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What is a CBD Roll-On?

A CBD roll-on is a cannabidiol product that is applied topically. The applicator is usually a ball that spins around in the neck of the product container, allowing a thin layer of CBD topical to be applied directly to the skin. 

Many prefer using CBD roll-ons since they are applied directly to the source so that the active compounds in the topical can immediately provide targeted relief to the pain point. Another benefit of using a roll-on is that it can be conveniently carried around anywhere and can be used quickly and discreetly whenever it is needed. This makes it easy to keep one in your car or bag for when those joint pains creep up on you unexpectedly.

Cannabidiol used topically has shown some promise in treating numerous conditions, including arthritis and jaw pain from temporomandibular disorder, commonly referred to as TMD. The reason why CBD works so well topically is that we have cannabinoid receptors on the skin.

CBD Roll on

Who Can Benefit From our CBD Roll-Ons?

Anyone that has minor aches and pains can benefit from using the 200mg CBD Roll-on for Pain but people with certain conditions may find it especially helpful.

Looking to learn more about CBD, its benefits, and how it affects your body? Check out our learning center!

a man in a blue shirt rubbing his finger joints

Arthritis Patients

Arthritis pain occurs when one or more joints in your body have inflammation and pain. People that have arthritis can experience pain and stiffness in their joints which usually gets worse as they age. 

This is where the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of topically applied CBD really starts to shine. Arthritis sufferers can simply apply the roll-on directly on the affected joint and the cooling menthol will begin to work immediately on the tired joints and muscles, soothing them while the CBD provides potent and lasting relief. 

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Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular disorder, often referred to as TMD, can be an incredibly painful condition and causes dysfunction in the joint of the jaw and the muscles surrounding it. This can often lead to pain beyond just the jaw area and often causes headaches.

People that suffer from TMD will find relief not only through CBD’s pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects but also through the calming and relaxing effects as well. The calming effects will reduce tension on the painful jaw joint and allow it to relax so it can recover.

someone tying their shoes on a track surface

Athletes and Weekend Warriors

Whether you’re a full-time athlete or a weekend warrior on the basketball courts, you can definitely benefit from adding a CBD roll-on to your recovery routine. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are perfect for helping you recover after a long workout and will also ease any pain if you push yourself a little bit too hard.

Keep one in your gym bag and make it a part of your post-workout routine and you’ll soon find yourself recovering more quickly with minimal pain. Sore muscles will love the cooling effects that the menthol gives and the CBD will provide long-lasting muscle pain relief. 

How is the 200mg CBD Roll-On For Pain Used?

Make sure that the area that you want to apply the CBD roll-on to is clean and doesn’t have any dirt or debris stuck to it. If possible, wash the area or use a cleaning wipe to prepare the area. You want to make sure that the CBD absorbs fully without getting impeded by dirt, oil, or sweat.

While you’re waiting for the area to dry, make sure you give the CBD Roll-on a good shake. Apply a thin application of the CBD roll-on directly to the affected area. Taking care not to be too rough and cause pain, gently massage the area so the oil can absorb deeply and completely. 

You will feel a cooling sensation as the menthol penetrates the muscles and provides immediate relief from the pain to give the CBD time to start working. Feel free to go ahead and reapply whenever you need it, up to four times a day. 

Looking for the best CBD roll-on? Take a look at our 200mg CBD Roll-On for Pain and take care of all those aches and pains!

Final Thoughts

Keep the CBD roll-on with you at all times so you can address any aches and pains that you may accumulate throughout the day. The unique combination of menthol and CBD will soothe your muscles and aches immediately while providing long-lasting relief. 

Whether you suffer from arthritis or temporomandibular disorders, are an athlete or a weekend warrior, you will love the benefits of using a CBD Roll-on for pain!

It is not a simple rule that more CBD is better; it is dependent on the quality. Go Botanicals has perfected this formula for maximum pain relief. In blind studies, this Pain Freeze Roll-On performs better than similar products with 1,000mg CBD or more.

Still have questions about CBD Roll-Ons? We love to talk about CBD! Contact us by using our chat function while you shop (talk to a real person!), call us at 800.894.9688 or email us at contact@gobotanicals.com. We can't wait to hear from you.

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