How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Suppose you’ve paid attention to any of the developments within the CBD realm over the past several years. In that case, you more than likely know about the wide range of top-quality CBD products currently available on the market.

In-person shops and online retailers have developed many types of CBD-based goods, from roll-ons and other topicals to tinctures and gummies. And that last category is what we’ll be helping you learn more about today.

In this article, our team of specialized CBD experts from Go Botanicals will explore some of the essential information you’ll want to know about what CBD gummies are and why people frequently use them.

We’ll also explain how many you should take to have the best chance of achieving the effects you’re looking for without running into any complications.

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Key Points to Know Going in About CBD Gummies

Before diving into the key focus of this article, we’d like to provide a small selection of key points that are important for people to keep in mind regarding CBD gummies, how they should be used, and the kinds of effects they can have on people.

  1. It’s best to start with a low dose of CBD and work your way up over time to find the dosage that works best for you.
  2. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for CBD, and everyone has different needs regarding how much they can and should take. You’ll need to experiment a bit to find what works.
  3. There is a wide range of factors that impact how CBD gummies will affect you, from the gummy’s potency to your size, weight, and the chemical composition of your body.
CBD gummies

4 Factors to Consider When Determining CBD Gummies Dosage

“How many CBD gummies should I eat?” This is a common question asked by beginners and experienced users alike. Here, we answer this question and give you additional tips on getting the most out of your CBD gummies.

When it comes to CBD dosing, you won’t find a definitive answer on how much you should take. This is because CBD affects everyone differently. There is no simple round-number dosage from the producers of your favorite gummies that you must religiously stick to.

However, there is a recommended dosage that you can start from, but the trick is to find your own ideal dosage. CBD works differently depending on the individual and provides a perfect opportunity for you to find what exactly works for you rather than following a dose that may work for your friend but not for you.

Our CBD gummies dosage guide will cover the basics to help you determine how many of these beneficial candies you should eat in a day. Read on!

First Things First – What Are CBD Gummies?

Gummies have been America’s favorite candies for more than a century. Since its invention in the 1920s, the gummy bear has seen several changes in shape, size, and content. Today, gummies are being infused with everything. From multivitamins to CBD, you can practically get any supplement in gummy form.

CBD gummy bears are candies that have been infused with cannabidiol oil – the therapeutic ingredient known for its health and wellness benefits, including easing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep.

CBD gummies come in a variety of colors, flavors, shapes, ingredients, and CBD strengths.

CBD gummy bears are chewed like regular candy, releasing the infused CBD oil that the body can then absorb. Some of the CBD is absorbed before the gummy enters your digestive tract, making them more effective than regular edibles in delivering CBD to your system.

CBD gummies are an easy, fun, and delicious way to take your daily CBD dose. Here is why you may want to take CBD gummies over other delivery methods:

Why People Take CBD Gummies

woman holding cbd gummy

They are delicious – CBD oil isn’t exactly delicious on its own. Its hempy taste may be off-putting to some people, especially new users. CBD gummies are flavored, which masks the CBD oil’s taste. You probably won’t even notice the difference from regular delicious candy.

They also come in various flavors, which means you will always be looking forward to a treat.

They are discrete – CBD is legal in the United States. However, hemp – the plant cannabidiol is obtained from, can still be confused with marijuana and THC products. Due to this common misconception, CBD gummies provide a way to take CBD without facing any kind of possible stigma.

People will think you are only enjoying a piece of candy.

Easy to take – You can use them everywhere you go. They taste better than regular oil. They are easier to dose once you work out how much CBD each gummy contains. You can effortlessly eat the gummies without having to measure them with a dropper. Because they are often taken for anxiety, many people don't leave home without them, especially when traveling.

Are CBD Gummies Safe?

A decent amount of scientific research has been conducted on the effects of CBD over the past several years, and results have demonstrated virtually no adverse effects when people use the guidelines provided with their CBD products. 

While more research is needed, the overall consensus of the research is that CBD is non-toxic to both humans and animals and relatively safe to use. The most frequently reported side effects of CBD involve appetite changes, lethargy, dizziness, dry mouth, and occasional diarrhea.

How Many CBD Gummies Should You eat? Calculating CBD Dosage

As we have already established, there is no universal dosage when it comes to CBD. Some people may be fine with 5mg of CBD per serving but some only start feeling the effects after 25mg or even higher. But why does CBD gummies dosage vary like this?
The correct number of CBD gummy bears you should take lies at the crossroads of several factors that differ between individuals. Here are the factors to consider when determining how many CBD gummies to eat:


Weight is a significant factor when it comes to how well your body tolerates different substances, whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or, in this case, CBD. Theoretically, the more you weigh, the more CBD gummies you should eat, especially if you want to feel more moderate-to-strong effects.

However, you will find that on its own, weight is not the best determinant of CBD gummy dosage. But it may provide the basis for you to begin with. Some experts recommend that you start with 1mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

In short, your dosage is your weight divided by 10. However, please remember that this is just a suggested starting point and that it’s likely to produce more mild effects than a higher dosage.

For those who want to know what dosages will result in more moderate or more potent effects or who don’t want to do the math for themselves to figure out the lowest recommended dosage, please refer to the points below;

People Under 130 lbs

  • For mild effects: ~11 mg or less
  • For moderate effects: ~12 – 14 mg
  • For strong effects: ~15 – 17mg

People 130 to 230 lbs

  • For mild effects: ~18 mg or less
  • For moderate effects: ~19 – 23 mg
  • For strong effects: ~24 – 27 mg

People over 230 lbs

  • For mild effects: ~23 mg or less
  • For moderate effects: ~24 – 30 mg
  • For strong effects: ~31 – 45 mg

The Product Type and CBD Concentration

Not all CBD products are the same. Some contain higher CBD concentrations per gummy, while some contain less. So, how many milligrams of CBD gummy bears should I eat? A 10mg gummy can be very different from a 20mg gummy.

While they may be the same size, the 20mg gummy is twice as strong as the 10mg one. So, how many 10mg or 20mg CBD gummies should you eat?

To answer the question of how many 10 or 20-mg CBD gummies you should eat, we have to consider all the factors that affect dosing. However, if your total dosage is 20mg per day, you have to take two-10mg of gummies or just one-20mg of gummy to experience the same level of effects.

If you find yourself wondering, “how many 750mg CBD gummies should I eat?” or “how many 1000mg CBD gummies should I eat?” CBD companies must all prominently display the total amount of CBD per bottle on the label, so this can make it even more confusing.

The first thing is to divide the total concentration by the number of gummies to find out how many mg each gummy bear has, from there you can work out your daily dosage.

Your Body Chemistry

Everyone’s body responds differently to cannabinoids. Some people are very sensitive to CBD, while some are not. Your body may also need to go through a little adjustment period before you can fully experience the benefits of CBD, whether you’re getting it through gummies, tinctures, topicals, or some other method.  For instance, Go Botanicals Balance Blend Gummies are made with Full Spectrum CBD, meaning they contain a trace amount of THC. Therefore, we encourage anyone who is brand new to THC products to take a half a gummy the very first time they try these to see how their body reacts.
The best way to find out your dosing is to start with a lower dose and adjust it as you monitor how your body responds. You may find that your body does exceptionally well and receives optimal benefits from only a low dose of CBD.

However, you may also find that you need a significantly higher dose to notice any positive changes. Either way, it’s essential to start with lower dosages to determine how your body chemistry responds to the cannabinoid’s presence in your system.

The Condition You Want To Improve

What is the ailment you want to address? Different needs may require different concentrations or amounts of CBD. Are you taking CBD to improve sleep? One to two 15mg sleep gummy may do the trick. How many CBD sleep gummies should I take is one of our most asked questions. We always recommend starting with one about 30 minutes before bed and adjust as necessary.

For pain and inflammation, you may need as little as 10mg or as much as 50mg. In the end, it primarily depends on how your body naturally responds to the CBD compound. People are all unique, so what works well for some won’t be as effective for others.
How many CBD gummies can you take a day? There have been no reported cases of CBD overdose. Studies suggest that the human body may tolerate high doses of CBD of up to 1500mg CBD per day. However, taking too much CBD may cause some mild side effects such as drowsiness and fatigue in some people.
Are you looking for a new source of delicious and effective CBD gummies that can help reduce your aches, discomfort, anxiety, and inflammation? Our experts at Go Botanicals have developed a range of great products that can deliver the various CBD benefits you’ve been looking for.

Additional CBD Dosage Tips to Note

We’ve already discussed the importance of starting with a smaller, baseline dosage of CBD and increasing that dosage steadily to find what works best for your body. Our experts at Go Botanicals strongly recommend sticking with that baseline dosage for about a week to see how it impacts your body and whether or not it effectively addresses the ailment you want it to.

This approach will also help you ensure that the gummy doesn’t trigger adverse side effects. After that initial week, increase the dosage in 5mg increments each week until you discover your optimal dosage.
Aside from that, there are some other vital tips that people should keep in mind when utilizing CBD gummies, especially for the first time.

Listen to Your Body and Note Any Changes

While going through this process of acclimating your body to CBD usage, you’ll want to pay close attention to your body’s natural desires, rhythm, and needs. 

If your intuition or bodily feedback indicates that something is wrong or needs to change, make the necessary adjustments to get back to where you need to be, whether this involves taking less or more CBD.

Work With a Medical Expert

If you’re using CBD to help relieve or address a specific health issue- including pain, anxiety, insomnia, or another common problem- it’s always best to consult with your physician to get their opinion. It can also be smart to get help from professionals who are well-versed in CBD and other cannabinoids.

Best CBD Gummies And How Many You Should Eat of Each

Now that we’ve covered the essential basics of what CBD gummies are, why people use them, and how people should approach their overall CBD gummy dosage, let’s take a moment to explore some of the best quality CBD gummies currently on the market. 

There is a massive range of brands to choose from, so it’s essential to do your research to find a top-quality selection that has a good chance of providing the different effects you’re looking for.


Balance Blend CBD Gummies - Full Spectrum

These tasty berry flavored gummies from Go Botanicals contain 1500mg CBD per bottle, containing 60 gummies. Each gummy delivers 25mg of premium Full Spectrum CBD.
These Full Spectrum CBD gummies are expertly formulated to provide the whole plant benefits of hemp in each dose. Our proprietary recipe delivers a unique benefit referred to as the 'Entourage Effect,' which means the different cannabinoids supercharge each other and are more powerful together than they would be on their own.

These gummies contain a trace of THC, and are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Like all our gummies, these Balance Blend Gummies are gluten free, nut free, dairy free, and made in the USA. They are taken as a natural supplement and many of our customers enjoy these to help with focus, anxiety and sleep.

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CBD Gummies Extra Strength

Looking for that extra punch? These gummies deliver a significant 30mg of premium CBD isolate per gummy to give you the ultimate boost.

They are packaged in a 60-piece – 1800mg CBD bottle. With Go Botanicals’ signature tasty flavors of lime, strawberry, blue raspberry, wild berry and green apple, taking your gummies will always be a fresh experience.

Many people take these to mange the daily stress of work and...well, life. The benefits of CBD are best when taken regularly. These gummies are perfect to take anytime day or night or throughout the day.

CBD Gummies For Sleep – With Melatonin

These tasty gummies combine the power of 15mg CBD isolate with 5mg of melatonin to help you get better and more consistent sleep. If you suffer from sleep problems, this CBD and melatonin blend is a great one to try.

CBD can soothe and calm you down, which are ideal conditions for sleeping. Melatonin, on the other hand, is a natural hormone produced by the body when the lights go down. It regulates the circadian rhythm and facilitates a smooth transition to sleep. It also promotes consistent sleep.

Go Botanicals CBD gummies with melatonin may help you fall asleep much more easily and promote quality rest during the night. They are available in a 900mg CBD bottle with 60 gummies. Take 1-2 gummies half an hour before bed, and you should feel your eyelids feeling heavy right when your head hits the pillow.

Due to the high quality CBD isolate and short half-life of melatonin, you should wake up feeling rested and refreshed and never groggy.

These gummies are by far our most common item purchased as a Subscribe & Save order. You can set up your monthly delivery and receive this 60-count bottle every month like clockwork. With 2 gummies per night being the most common dosage, you'll never have to go a single night without these.

Premium CBD Roll-On For Pain

This one is not a gummy, but is a great companion to every gummy listed.
This Roll-On is different from all the others. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, so it is great for all kinds of pain. Many people use it to help with back pain, arthritis, and workout recovery. This perfectly formulated Pain Freeze is mess-free and combines the CBD with a subtle amount of menthol for relief on contact.

For all our friends that suffer from pain and inflammation, this is a favorite add-on product. This Roll-On is often purchased two at a time (one for home, one for work). It is also a common gift item- we all know some one with pain!

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Find Your Perfect CBD Gummies Dose

CBD gummies provide an easier, tasty, and more effective way of taking your daily CBD. While finding the correct dose is necessary, finding the best gummies is just as important. Go Botanicals makes high-quality, non-GMO CBD gummies in varying concentrations.

Whether you take 15mg per day or 30mg per serving, Go Botanicals has something for everyone.

It can sometimes be hard to select the right type or brand of CBD gummies to meet your needs since there are many options to choose from.

Consider trying out our specially made CBD gummies at Go Botanicals to take advantage of our unique formulas that can help provide anxiety, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and even enhanced sleep.

Still not sure what you want to try? We love to talk about CBD! Contact us anytime by using our chat function while you shop (talk to a real live person!), call us at 800.894.9688 or email us at We can't wait to hear from you.

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